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Epic Encounter 2015

2015 Epic Encounter Speaker Easton LaChappelle's
This incredible young man, developed an amazing tool to help people after the loss of limbs. He is using brain waves to control the prosthesis. And best of all: He makes his whole development available as open source project.

The Entrepreneur Society of America holds an annual event called the Epic Encounter. This event is a fundraiser for the organization that supports their Hatchlings Program and also is the event where scholarships are presented each year to these amazing kids. 

The Hatchlings program mentors and equips young inventors and entrepreneurs, immersing them in a business culture where they have access to patent attorneys, marketing experts, Venture capitalists and other start up businesses. The real life experience they receive is priceless.

Easton LaChappelle is the ultimate success story of a young inventor who began in his garage, has gone on to consult with Nasa, has met the President and has his own growing technology company, Unlimited Tomorrow. 

The ESOA Hatchlings each got some 1 on 1 time before the evening events began, we captured that interaction on camera to share with you!

Visit ESOA/Hatchling to learn more about the ESOA and the Hatchlings Program

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