Sometime in your entrepreneurial career you will have to make a presentation to raise funding whether it’s your family, friends, bank, angels, venture capitalists or investors and 98% get turned down!.

Present to the GATOR CAGE® and learn how to get it right.


The Gators

Karl M Gibbons

Serial entrepreneur &

President & CEO

Third Eye Management

Tom Matthews

Serial Entrepreneur & CFO

Third Eye Management

Gary R. Dumas


Phoenix Bay Ventures, LLC

David Diamond

Founder & President

DeAngelis Diamond Construction, Inc. & co-founder of Venture X

Betsy Allen


President of Gaining Results Inc

Johnny Georges


Tree T Pee

Kerry Prince

Vice President, Business Development Officer

First Integrity Bank

Scott Soucy


Inflexion Strategic Advisors

Ron Klein

aka The Grandfather of Possibilities.

Inventor of the:

Magnetic Strip on the Credit Cards

Credit Card Validity Checking System

Real Estate (MLS) Multiple Listing Services

Voice Response for the Banking Industry

BOND Quotation and Trade Information for the NYSE

Scott Relf

Mid-life Entrepreneur

CEO & Co-Founder – PikMobile™

Founding Partner – The Infinite Growth Group.

Co-Founder – Zave Networks, Inc.

President – Blue Chip Strategy Group

Keith A. Veres, CPA, CGMA

8010 Summerlin Lakes Dr. | Fort Myers, FL 33907

Principal, Director of HBK Corporate Finance

Email | Office: (239) 482-5522 | Fax: (239) 482-1573

Financial Advisor, HBKS Wealth Advisors

Email | Office: (239) 433-7533 | Fax: (239) 482-7772

ESOA members are invited to present their idea or invention as a business proposition to a panel of GATOR investors in the GATOR CAGE®

The Rules of the CAGE

  1. Anyone wishing to participate must be a current member of ESOA and in good standing.
  2. Any member wishing to participate must apply in advance and brief executive summary of their bio and business plan be submitted in advance to the GATOR CAGE® panel chair Karl M. Gibbons.
  3. If selected to present the member, would be given 10 minutes (they will be cut off if they exceed this time) to present their business model to try and convince the GATORS to invest in their business.
  4. Presenting member would then be subject to 10 minutes Q&A by the GATORS.
  5. At the end of the presentation the member would be given feedback on how they can improve their presentation and increase the likelihood of raising funds/investment.
  6. All presentations will be made in front of other ESOA members who would make up the audience as observers but cannot participate.
  7. All presentations will be recoded and may be used on the ESOA website and YouTube channel.
  8. There will be NO commitment or obligation from ANY participating GATOR to invest in or become involved with any of the presenting businesses
  9. All participants will be required to sign a form acknowledging they agree to participate under the above terms and conditions prior to presenting to the GATOR CAGE®.

IMPORTANT: Any “serious contenders” would receive additional coaching and at the total discretion of the panel could be fast tracked to Phoenix Bay Ventures, LLC, The Tamiami Angel Fund I, LLC, Gulf Coast Venture Forum and/or First Florida Integrity Bank or Fusion Pointe.

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