BOOKS4BIZ is the ESOA’s version of a book club to help members read and think about the key elements of building a successful business. BOOKS4BIZ would be especially helpful in preparing candidates for better GATOR CAGE® presentations and beyond.

The BOOKS4BIZ members Tom Ledbetter and Ron Atkinson who will lead a monthly discussion of a selected book. All the books featured will have proven helpful to entrepreneurs and small business owners. As we meet with bankers, private equity companies and other entrepreneurs, there is a language of sorts taken from popular business literature – Steve Jobs on the marriage of design and technology; Outliers on 20,000 hours of deliberative practice to get good at anything; and The E Myth Revisited for what happens when you don’t understand your own limitations.

The featured books are not necessarily classic business books from the college classroom, but popular and practical ‘how to’ guides covering the major elements of a successful, business including:

The BIG 7 Core Competencies

  1. Planning for Success
  2. Dynamic Concepts
  3. Financial Analysis
  4. Building Relationships
  5. Presentation Skills
  6. Finding Your Funding
  7. Exit Strategies

Making it Work

  1. Motivation
  2. Creating Your Team
  3. Being the Leader
  4. Managing People
  5. Closing the Sale
  6. Marketing & Social Media

There are over twenty books that we all of us should read and absorb. All books featured on BOOKS4BIZ can be purchased via the ESOA Amazon Store. ESOA earns a small commission for each book sold