Mission: Learn. Share. Network. Grow!

Entrepreneur Society of America [ESOA]

Mission: Learn. Share. Network & Grow!

The Entrepreneur Society of America [ESOA] is a 501(C)3 not-for-profit SW FL community based B2B organization dedicated to the education, mentoring and development of entrepreneurs.

In a world where ideas drive economies, innovation and entrepreneurship are inseparable. Governments around the world are starting to realize that in order to sustain progress and improve a country’s economy, its people have to be encouraged and trained to think out-of-the-box to be constantly developing innovative products and services.

Entrepreneurship is a dominant force in contemporary America. It generates ongoing innovation and improvement of our goods, services and institutions. It makes them more efficient, affordable and effective. Entrepreneurship enhances the quality of our collective and individual lives; it changes the way we work, the way we communicate, the way we live.

America has always been the “land of entrepreneurs”, with over half a million new businesses being created every month. That means a huge section of America’s professionals are leaving the traditional job route and doing something completely different, working in up-and-coming industries, and challenging what it means to be successful.

So whether you are thinking about starting a business, a sole proprietor, small or large business – you can benefit from the invaluable creative energy and support ESOA brings.

WHY join ESOA?

  • Education: ESOA is all about learning, and a new way of thinking.
  • Build your network: ESOA works hard to recruit high quality, driven entrepreneurs – just like you – and aims to create long term relationships which last long past the meetings.
  • Learn how to launch a business: ESOA is the home of bootstrap startup methodology. Go from idea to launch in one room.
  • Get face time with mentors and thought leaders: ESOA has startup leaders and mentors who participate and interact with other members.
  • Get access to valuable startup resources: ESOA gives you instant access to great products and tools. No one should leave ESOA empty handed!
  • Secrets of success: ESOA invites successful entrepreneurs and business leaders to share their story to motivate and inspire you.

Do you want to take your business to the next level?

  • Support teams – ESOA provides small peer group support teams. Members commit to helping fellow members achieve their business goals.
  • Motivation – Members will cheer your progress and encourage you through any setbacks.
  • Ideas – Bring an issue to the group for a creative brainstorm.
  • Feedback – Get constructive feedback on any aspect of your business, such as business planning and development, finance, legal, marketing and technology.
  • Shortcuts – You’ll have regular access to other people’s experiences, skills and contacts.
  • Accountability – You’ll share your progress towards your goals. 

  • New professional alliances and personal friendships.
  • Inspiration as you witness your fellow members’ achievements.

Join us and discover more!

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